Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management of Dairy Industry Vitalait

Milk processing is a water-intensive process. At the same time, the Vitalait dairy industry is located in a region of Tunisia that is particularly exposed to water stress. In this context, EBP analysed the existing water supply and industrial wastewater treatment of the milk factory, with a particular focus on sewage sludge management. Based on this, a detailed action plan was developed serving Vitalait as a sound basis for further investments into sustainable water management.

Our services

  • Proposal of measures for more sustainable water and wastewater management and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Conceptual design and prefeasibility assessment for anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge with food waste and renewable energy production from biogas.
  • Conceptual design and pre-feasibility assessment for solar drying and composting of sewage sludge.
  • Analysis of technical and regulatory aspects for reuse of treated wastewater and sewage sludge in agriculture.
  • Detailed action plan with cost-benefit-analysis as a basis for sustainable investment decisions.

Main Image: Biological treatment with surface aerators

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