Swiss Transportation Sectoral Plan: Road Infrastructure

The coordination of federal development activities is managed with the help of federal sectoral plans. EBP helped the Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) draft the first edition of the Road Infrastructure part of the Swiss Transportation Sectoral Plan (SIN).

The Swiss government uses the Road Infrastructure part of its Transportation Sectoral Plan (SIN) to present highway development projects that are in need of ratification. The Swiss Federal Council ratified the road infrastructure plan at its meeting on June 27, 2018. The projects presented in the first edition of the plan center on network completion, congestion minimization (modules 1 to 3), highway access locations, animal crossing zones and various measures relating to the space required for the parking, controlling and servicing of heavy traffic vehicles. Upon the presentation of the SIN, the federal government will have effectively completed its planning work in the area of transportation development.

The scope of the road infrastructure part

The Road Infrastructure part of the Transportation Sectoral Plan consists of a concept section that outlines and explains topic-specific concepts, and an object section that describes the specific projects and includes GIS-based maps. The maps show the development activities of the federal government according to type (as per Swiss Spatial Concept) and region.

Establishing planning security for the cantons and municipalities

The aim of the sectoral plan is to coordinate long-term road infrastructure development with ideal-based plans for spatial development. This effectively creates planning security for the cantons and municipalities. The sectoral plan is essentially a spatial planning instrument. This is why its drafting was carried out in close consultation with the Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE).

Services provided by EBP

Working on behalf of the Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), EBP joined forces with a planning firm based in Western Switzerland to develop the first edition of the Road Infrastructure part of the Federal Transportation Sectoral Plan (SIN). The assignment included gathering basic data, completing the substantive drafting of the text and providing substantive, capturing and mapping the relevant objects in a GIS and organizational support for federal decision-making processes and cantonal participation.

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