Teaching spatial development

Many of the employees in our Spatial Development division also work as instructors in educational and training programs offered by local colleges and institutes. Indeed, accepting speaking engagements at various venues, teaching students, and supervising student theses and dissertations allows us to make good on our commitment to the important enterprise of knowledge transfer. We maintain contact to university departments and apply cutting-edge research to our daily project work. In doing so, we help to bridge the worlds of teaching, research, and real-world development.

Our services

  • ETH Zurich: lectures in regional economics, location management, and sustainable land use; supervision of a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) course on scientific work in spatial planning
  • University of Zurich: lecture on settlement development and municipal finances for the MAS Real Estate curriculum and the CAS Urban Management curriculum; organization of case-study projects for the CAS Urban Management curriculum
  • Zurich College of Applied Sciences: lecture on the subject of cities and agglomerations
  • Mentoring for bachelor’s, master’s, and MAS theses (ETH Zurich and Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences)

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