Teaching transportation science

A number of employees in our transportation division are active as teachers at various colleges and universities in Switzerland. Their activities as course instructors, guest lecturers, and academic mentors allow us to pass along our extensive technical and practical knowledge to a new generation of students. In addition to this, however, our relationships with institutions of higher education give us an opportunity to remain at the cutting edge and to integrate new research findings into our work, thereby bridging the gaps between teaching, research and practical application.

Our services

  • Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts: Bachelor of Science in Mobility, Data Science and Economics, Course Supervision and Lectures on the subjects of space and transportation and transportation-system evaluation (12 units per semester)
  • ETH Zurich: MAS/CAS Mobility of the Future, lectures on the subjects of PPT applications in Switzerland and the digitalization and automation of freight transportation
  • Institute of Natural Resource Sciences (IUNR): Lecture on the subject of transportation and mobility for a course module on spatial development

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