Traffic Survey in Aarau

Working together with a sub-planner, EBP carries out a camera-assisted traffic survey in Aargau. The scope of the assignment includes an analysis of traffic flow at various locations and a presentation of the survey’s results in easily accessible graphic form.

The traffic network in the city and region of Aarau is on the verge of overload, a situation that has led to the initiation of various roadway development projects that are currently in the planning or implementation phase. The wide-ranging traffic survey is to provide a solid basis for the further processing of these projects.

Traffic surveys of the kind currently being carried out by EBP provide data on where particular vehicles enter the area under investigation, how long they remain in the area and where they exit the area. This enables one to determine overall traffic volume and to ascertain the proportions of traffic originating, arriving and passing through the area, as well as what routes are being taken.

Working together with Mehl Messtechnik GmbH, EBP is responsible for conceiving the camera-assisted traffic survey, managing its execution and completing subsequent analyses of the data.

In addition to compiling, documenting and illustrating the data in a technical report, the survey’s main findings are to be graphically presented in an easily comprehensible brochure on aimed at interested individuals and the public at large.