Transformation of former stock exchange building in Zurich

Built in 1880, this commercial building on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse is also known for being the home of Switzerland’s first stock exchange. The former exchange is now to undergo an extensive architectural renovation that will transform it into an elegant 21st century urban structure. EBP was commissioned to complete the planning for the building’s façades and oversee their realization.

Working together in a consortium with EBP, the Studio Märkli architectural firm won the design competition for this extensive renovation in 2015. Over the course of the project, the ground floor was lowered to the level of Bahnhofstrasse, the building’s basement was expanded into two new underground levels, and the building was topped off with a two-level penthouse structure. The main challenges we faced as we planned the façade included ensuring compliance with the historic-preservation statutes and meeting the demanding materials/aesthetics specifications.

Heritage-protected building envelope

The building envelope was subject to historic-preservation statutes, which is why the architecture and building-engineering systems needed to meet demanding material and geometric specifications. Throughout the planning process, we also needed to bear in mind a building-renovation history extending from 1880 to 2014.

A matter of materials and aesthetics

The six-meter showcase windows, framed in stainless steel on the ground floor, were planned to meet highly demanding security specifications. With exposed all-glass borders, they meet the highest of architectural standards while also ensuring maximum transparency. The extensive glass façades, framed in stainless steel, on the two-story penthouse level are complemented by fabric sunshades. The inner courtyard is defined by story-high windows, framed in aluminum and secured with fall-prevention structures. The atrium is roofed over at the level of the mezzanine’s ceiling with a skylight that provides ample natural lighting.

Picture Credits: Visualization Studio Märkli

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