Transport and Settlement Agglomeration Programmes for the Canton of Zürich

In the interest of securing a more effective coordination of settlement and transport development projects, EBP was commissioned by the Canton of Zürich to develop a general development plan and to help the canton draft the final versions of its various agglomeration programmes.

During the first phase of the project, EBP developed a general plan that could be applied to the various regions in the canton and also coordinated efforts to draft the four different agglomeration programmes for the respective regions in the Canton of Zürich, including: Zürich City-Glattal; Winterthur and Surroundings; Zürcher Oberland; and Limmattal. The work also included the use of a comprehensive land and transport development analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities associated with current developments, develop a target scenario for the canton and derive a set of superordinate strategies and measures relating to settlement, transport and landscape.

A process of monitoring and controlling content and measures devised by EBP to facilitate the project’s execution was used to help ensure a unified formal and substantive approach to the individual agglomeration programmes.

The second project phase involved the provision of support to those assigned to carry out a formal and substantive revision of the individual agglomeration programmes – both before and during the participation phase as well as in the context of preparing for the cantonal government’s resolution. Part of the focus of the substantive work was on the establishment of a unified system for assessing the impact of the individual measures and for reporting cost-benefit indicators according to the specifications issued by the federal government.

The general plan was then finalised after all of the relevant agglomeration-programme data had been submitted. This general plan was also appropriately supplemented to account for significant regional distinctions and individual challenges.

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