Transportation and public access concept for the LIPO Park soccer stadium in Schaffhausen

EBP has drafted a transportation and public-access concept for the new LIPO Park stadium, home to the FC Schaffhausen soccer team. The scope of EBP’s assignment also included the development of a security concept for the Herblingen Railway Station next to the stadium.

The new LIPO Park soccer stadium offers seating for 8,000 spectators and can accommodate a total of up 20,000 spectators in the context of larger stadium events. Working on behalf of METHABAU Plan AG, the company that built the stadium, EBP drafted the “Public Access at Herblingen Station” security concept. The Herblingen Railway Station, which is located directly across from the stadium and was designed for a transportation volume of 500 passengers a day, is an integral part of the transportation and public-access concept for the stadium.

The aim of the concept was to specify measures that could be implemented to maintain a high security standard at Herblingen Station. These included, for instance, the regulation of the pedestrian flow in the context of major eventsto secure the safety of all individuals both inside and around the station and on its platforms. The scope of the safety assessment encompassed the Herblingen Railway Station with its various points of access and all passenger waiting areas.

The situation analysis carried out took account of the station’s infrastructure and related development plans, existing public transportation services and the capacity of both the station’s public access areas and a nearby pedestrian bridge. Also the available data was used as a basis for projecting the future demand for public transportation, carrying out a risk assessment and drafting security measures.

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