Transportation hub concept for St. Fiden

With a comprehensive redesign, the train station in St. Fiden has the potential to become an attractive transportation hub offering convenient links to multiple means of transport. We developed a concept for the new transportation hub for the various public stakeholders, which shows different scenarios. Given its favorable location, transforming the train station into a multimodal transportation hub could boost St. Fiden’s prospects of becoming a more attractive and independent city district.

Our services

  • Assessment of requirements for transportation hubs in the St. Gallen agglomeration
  • Identification of the risks and opportunities associated with various hub scenarios (e.g., with or without covering the nearby federal highway and with or without a park-and-ride option)
  • Estimate of commuter demand for different transfer passengers
  • Determination of the necessary infrastructure, such as for a park-and-ride option
  • Drafting of optimization proposals for the arrangement of the various service options at the train station

Image: The St. Fiden railway station offers a convenient location for a transportation hub
Picture Credits: © EBP, Remo Baumberger

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