Urban density and transport (publication)

The brochure developed on behalf of the Canton of Zurich makes use of case studies to demonstrate the compatibility of urban density and well-functioning transport networks.

The Canton of Zurich has seen significant growth in recent years and is expected to show steady rates of growth throughout the coming decade. This growth is supposed to be absorbed primarily via urban densification. In other words, the existing settlement space and structures are to be developed in a manner that will allow Zurich to accommodate the growth without further suburbanisation. However, the increased density will certainly lead to greater traffic volume in an area that is already struggling with excessive traffic.

Working on behalf of the Canton of Zurich, EBP has developed a brochure that makes use of various case studies to show how to balance the various competing interests and how to arrive at successful traffic management solutions. The brochure is aimed at urban planners, real-estate developers and the representatives of municipal agencies.

The analysis of the case studies is used as a basis for deriving specific recommendations, identifying success factors for urban densification and outlining successful approaches to transport-related challenges. We aim to demonstrate the compatibility of the following: high levels of urban density; well-functioning transport networks; ample recreational space and high quality public spaces. Local transport capacity is to be construed as a relative quality threshold and independent assessments are to be carried out in individual cases.

Picture Credits: G. Sengün

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