Uri Cantonal Development Plan revised to implement new provisions outlined in the Revised Swiss Spatial Development Act

The Canton of Uri has revised its Cantonal Development Plan for compliance with the revised Swiss Spatial Development Act. EBP was commissioned by the canton to provide substantive and procedural support for the revision.

On March 3, 2013, Swiss voters approved the revised Spatial Development Act, which then came into effect on May 1, 2014. The implementation of the revised legislation at cantonal level includes a revision of the Cantonal Development Plan and various building and development regulations.

The purpose of the revision of the Federal Spatial Development Act is to help ensure a careful approach to land development, limit suburban sprawl and promote compact settlements. The future development of cities and villages is to reflect a greater degree of high-quality building concentration, for instance, via greater structural density, the closure of gaps between buildings and the conversion of abandoned industrial sites. These efforts are to slow the loss of cultural landscapes and eliminate the need for costly infrastructure expansion in the form of new roads, power lines, water lines and sewage systems.

As it did in the context of an earlier revision (2009-2011), EBP again helped the Spatial Development Agency of the Canton of Uri to revise substantive and procedural aspects of the Cantonal Development Plan. This work included the following tasks:

  • Definition and identification of the need for substantive revision
  • Drafting of sample texts for the development plan
  • Recording and evaluation of opinions expressed in the context of administrative hearings and public hearings and preliminary reviews issued by federal agencies
  • Drafting of the participation report
  • General process support (scheduling, coordination, etc.) and quality assurance

The Cantonal Parliament approved the revised Cantonal Development Plan on August 31, 2016. The Federal Council is expected to issue its response to the revised Cantonal Development Plan at the beginning of 2017.

Picture Credits: Christof Hirtler, Altdorf