User research to enhance infrastructure and traffic data system

The Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) manages federal roadway infrastructure and traffic data with the help of its Management Information System for Roads and Road Traffic (MISTRA). We took the chance of the system’s upcoming release to improve its user experience. Using questionnaires, interviews, and remote user observation, the EBP team identified various problem areas and user requirements. One important finding was that support for more efficient system use (e.g. training programs, customized assistance, and the proper communication of improvements in the new release) can significantly increase user acceptance.

Our services

  • Gathering quantitative data regarding positive and negative user experience with the existing solution by means of a survey
  • Conducting of interviews and remote observations (Contextual inquiries) of users interacting with the system to gather qualitative data
  • Data analysis and evaluation
  • Development of potential solutions and prioritizing them with the client
  • Prototyping user interface solutions
  • Close coordination with the developer during the implementation
  • Development and implementation of communication measures to accompany the new release on the FEDRO intranet

Contact persons