Visualizing and understanding ecological sustainability

Ernst Basler began to reflect on the notion of "sustainability" many years before it became such a prominent subject of discourse. In his book, "Endliche Erde" (Our Finite Earth), author Thomas Sprecher describes what gave rise to this prescient body of thought and what Basler was able to accomplish with it, both at EBP and beyond. The book's intuitive and engaging infographics help to explain the essential concepts and their relationship to one another.

Ernst Basler, the founder of EBP, began as early as the 1960s to examine the consequences of exponential growth for our spatially limited earth. This led him to highlight the notion of “sustainability” as a metaphor for a smarter approach to natural resources that would satisfy our needs while preserving an intact environmental basis for future generations, both at EBP and beyond. 

The infographics developed for the book offer intuitive and appealing explanations for a variety of complex concepts such as Anthropocene and exponential growth. They thereby enable the reader to gain easy access to the more complex world of ecological inquiry.

Endliche Erde Beispiel 01

Endliche Erde Beispiel 02

Endliche Erde Beispiel 03

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