Water Supply and Sanitation Study in Kyrgyzstan

Rural villages in the Kyrgyz Republic often lack reliable and clean water supply. The sanitation infrastructure is privately managed, varies with household income and causes groundwater pollution. We provided our second opinion on the ongoing detailed designs based on our water supply and sanitation roadmaps by 2050. Our recommendations will help the three villages of Kyzyl-Suu, Kaji-Sai and Bokonbaevo to sustainably improve the water supply and sanitary conditions.

Our Services

  • Situation analysis of socio-economic, environmental, institutional, financial conditions
  • Design requirements, forecasts (population water demand, wastewater production), water and sanitation roadmaps up to 2050
  • Second opinion on ongoing detailed designs and definition of priority measures
  • Proposals for sludge management, use of hydropower in transmission mains and non-revenue water management
  • Risk and resilience assessment, safeguards
  • Financial and tariff analysis and modelling including affordability assessment
  • Interim workshops and reports for each village in English and Russian

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