Wehntalerstrasse underpass in Regensdorf

The pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Wehntalerstrasse and Altburgstrasse in Regensdorf was replaced with an underpass for pedestrians and bicyclists. In addition to this, the intersection itself was also redesigned. EBP provided the engineering services for the project’s various phases (development planning, tendering and execution) and also assumed responsibility for site management.

An official hiking trail used to cross the busy cantonal highway at the intersection of Wehntalerstrasse and Altburgstrasse. This pedestrian traffic had been accommodated by a pedestrian crossing, which was then replaced by a new underpass for pedestrians, disabled persons and bicyclists in the context of a larger project initiated by the Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) to expand the bypass road north of Zürich.

The cast-in-place concrete underpass consists of a straight ramp, a rectilinear tunnel and a semicircular ramp. The underpass includes two separate lanes, one for pedestrians (with ramps adapted to the needs of the disabled) and one for bicyclists. A stairwell was added to the semicircular ramp to serve as a shortcut.

Naturschutz- und Naherholungsgebiet Katzensee
The new underpass has created a safe access route to the Katzen Lake conservation and recreation area.

The intersection was also redesigned and outfitted with traffic lights.

Numerous service lines (gas, electricity, water, telephone) needed to be rerouted for the construction of the underpass. Moreover, it was also necessary to coordinate the project with a number of other simultaneous projects relating to the renovation of Wehntalerstrasse (complete closure from March to November 2016).

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