Well-Targeted Planning in a Complex Environment

EBP offers its consulting services to project teams assigned by the relevant offices of the City of Zurich to carry out preliminary studies.

Projects that involve the development of public space are often complex, as they are expected to take into account the interests of various stakeholders. Indeed, public agencies and individuals who will be affected by such development projects often pursue objectives that are diametrically opposed to one another.

This is especially apparent in the context of preliminary studies, which involve the interaction of experts from various special areas in project teams that are entrusted to work out the details of development proposals.

Working on behalf of Zurich’s Office of Civil Engineering, we used principles of systems engineering as a basis for drafting an approach concept that enables developers to take into account the various needs of the project’s stakeholders during the planning process. The selected approach allows developers to arrive at optimal and broadly supported solutions in complex planning environments.

In addition to the drafted approach concept, we developed a set of guidelines, carried out training programmes and provided support on numerous occasions to project teams charged with the concept’s implementation throughout the preliminary study phase.

Picture Credits: wikimedia / Andrew Bossi