Winter service concept for the Canton of Zurich

Even in difficult winter weather conditions roads must be kept clear and safe. To ensure this, Swiss cantons and municipalities need answers to questions such as the following: At what point do we deploy the winter-service vehicles? What materials should be used to melt snow and ice and for which weather conditions? How can digitalization be used to make the winter service more efficient? EBP was commissioned by the Road Inspection Agency of the Canton of Zurich in answering these and other questions.

Those responsible for the winter service face numerous challenges, including: operational conditions characterized by short-notice periods; the need to interpret unique and complex weather events; and monumental tasks requiring the deployment of many employees and service vehicles. Meeting these challenges in an effective and efficient manner demands comprehensive preparation, operational readiness and event-specific flexibility.

In the context of completing its assignment, EBP drafted an assessment of the latest developments in terms of winter service so as to give the Canton of Zurich a basis for remaining at the cutting edge of technology in this important task area throughout the next several years. Working together with representatives of the Zurich Road Inspection Agency, EBP provided the following specific services:

  • Analysis of the current situation at the cantonal Road Inspection Agency with respect to the various aspects of winter service,
  • Identification and presentation of the latest developments in terms of winter service, including new spreader materials and digitalization,
  • Identification and assessment of where action is needed,
  • Recommendations for implementation.