Zurich 2016 Clean Technology Report

The clean technology sector is currently growing at a dynamic rate and can be expected to play a significant role in Zurich’s economic development. The 2016 Clean Technology Report drafted for the city and canton of Zurich offers a look at the various enterprises on the clean-technology market, as well as the market’s economic and political significance.

Clean technology is a significant economic factor for both the city and canton of Zurich. Indeed, the clean-tech industry has been the focus of a common cluster strategy since 2009.

Six years after issuing its last clean-technology report, the city and the canton of Zurich have commissioned EBP to draft an updated report. We expanded the economic structure analysis with an assessment of the policies that can be expected to directly strengthen clean-tech enterprises in the canton of Zurich.

The analysis of regional employment and value creation for the various clean-technology services and industrial activities was drafted in collaboration with the Statistical Office of the canton of Zurich using the latest methods of estimation applied to the clean-tech industry by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. Maps and graphs offer policymakers, business leaders and other interested individuals a look at the significance and focus of clean technology in the canton of Zurich.

The policy analysis also shows a variety of cantonal and city activities that contribute to the long-term reinforcement of clean-tech enterprises.

The report concludes with recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of city and cantonal measures to strengthen the competitiveness of local clean-tech enterprises.

Picture Credits: ETH Zürich

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