Zurich Airport: Modal Split Survey 2013

Every four years, Zürich Airport is required to determine the means by which passengers and other airport visitors travel to the airport. The data for the year in question was gathered using comprehensive commuter surveys and reliable methods of extrapolation. EBP joined forces with Interface to carry out the survey in 2013.

In accordance with regulations issued by the Swiss Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC), Zürich Airport is required to carry out a modal split survey every four years. Working together with the Lucerne-based consulting firm, Interface, EBP carried out the modal split survey on behalf of the Zürich Airport for the year 2013. The relevant data were gathered during a two-week, on-location survey of airport employees, passengers and other airport visitors. The results of the survey were used as a basis for extrapolating the percentage of the different categories of airport visitors (e.g. passengers, airport employees, airport customers, etc.) who used the various means of transport in 2013. The standardised survey and extrapolation methods used in the context of the study effectively ensure the survey’s commensurability with future surveys.