Electric and Hydrogen Mobility Scenarios Switzerland 2022

Update 2022 – EBP fundamentals on electric and hydrogen mobility

The present Update 2022 substantiates the scenarios of the SFOE Energy Perspectives 2050+ and provides information on the development and composition of the vehicle population, taking into account the various vehicle categories and drive types, including fuel consumption. In addition to information on passenger cars, the report now also includes data on light and heavy commercial vehicles, as well as buses. Furthermore, the information on the forecast number of charging processes and charging volume per charging station type until 2050 is specified. 

The report is currently only available in German. Please contact our support team if you would like to receive the report in another language. 

You can order the data on which the report is based directly from us online, tailored to your needs. Up to three data packages can be combined on the topics of transport, energy and charging infrastructure. You can choose between a national, cantonal and communal resolution.

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