Adaptation to climate change

Climate change has already had a dramatic impact on Switzerland and many other countries throughout the world. Some of the individual changes include extreme events such as flooding; melting glaciers; long periods of drought; and an increase in the frequency and extent of forest fires.

What can countries, cantons, cities, municipalities and private enterprises do to adapt to the effects of climate change? And how are we to assess the relationship between the effectiveness of such adaptive measures and their cost?

Our extensive experience in the area of climate change, risk management, natural hazards, water management, spatial development, infrastructures and construction enables us to deliver clear, succinct and holistic analyses of the issues at hand.

We support governments, cantons, states, cities, municipalities and private enterprises with the following services:

  • Creation and interpretation of climate scenarios
  • Identification of individual climate risks
  • Development of adaptation strategies
  • Identification of appropriate measures for climate-change adaptation

Adapting to climate change is often a complex, multifaceted task. That is why we take an interdisciplinary approach to developing optimal solutions for our clients. We include the relevant specialists and stakeholders directly in the process, from government authorities, through interest groups, to the public. This allows us to take better account of the various perspectives and resources involved, and to thereby secure solutions that are easier to implement and enjoy a higher degree of acceptability.