Climate change mitigation planning

What is the best way for your company to implement, and also benefit from, climate-change mitigation? What is the best way for your company to achieve carbon neutrality and thereby make a contribution to national efforts to reach net-zero emissions? And what is the best way for your company to protect itself against the (sometimes hidden) risks of climate change?

We support you when it comes to finding answers to these questions so that your company can optimally position itself and implement efficient and effective measures.

Within the last decade, climate protection has emerged as a matter of strategic importance in many companies. The many reasons include: a need to comply with statutory provisions; voluntary commitments to sustainability; and the development of new business models. What’s more, the trend can be expected to gain even more momentum in the coming years.

We offer companies tailor-made solutions that enable them to optimally position themselves in matters of climate protection and carbon neutrality according to their values, business goals and possible options. Our services include, for instance:

  • Emissions statements, carbon footprint assessments and climate-protection strategies
  • Advice relating to the Swiss Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)
  • Support in connection with the development, validation and verification of compensation projects (emissions from imported fuel)