Climate change: opportunities and risks (Climate)

The effects of climate change are evident in the form of more frequent and more intense events such as heat waves or natural disasters, as well as in the form of long-term developments, e.g. a longer growing season. What do these effects mean for society, the environment and the economy? And where does a need for adaptation exist?

We analyze the effects of climate change (known as "impacts") for individual sectors (e.g. tourism) or regional units (e.g. cantons) in Switzerland and abroad. The depth of our analysis depends on the context, and our work ranges from descriptive summaries of the consequences of climate change through to detailed vulnerability analyses and site-specific, quantitative analyses of risks and opportunities. Applications include overview studies on the major risks and opportunities in the policy areas of a canton or Geographic Information System (GIS)-based analysis of natural hazard processes for individual bodies of water.

Using these findings as a basis, we identify the need for adaptation to the impacts of climate change. The result serves as an integral component of comprehensive risk management for regions or organizations.

Climate risks