Corporate climate change consulting

Climate change mitigation is a dynamic and complex subject that affects companies and governments around the world. National climate change mitigation instruments and international climate change mitigation projects create business opportunities, but also risks. How can companies tap into the opportunities presented by climate change?
We help companies position themselves optimally in this complex environment.

Over the last ten years, climate protection has become a strategic issue in many companies, be it to ensure strict compliance with government regulations in the context of voluntary activities or to develop new business models, and this trend will continue to grow in the years to come.

We advise companies in how to position themselves in term of climate protection and provide customized solutions. We design climate mitigation projects, help companies answer questions about emissions trading, create carbon balances and develop climate mitigation strategies. We build on our many years of experience with the major climate mitigation instruments such as carbon tax, compensation projects, emissions trading or target agreements.

We also support voluntary measures in the area of carbon footprints, offsetting and reporting, with tailor-made solutions. In addition, we estimate the impact of climate risks and create adaptation strategies.