Some topics are too complex to explain in a reasonable number of words. This is where animation and storytelling step in, bringing an immediacy and directness to the topic.

Animation is a very versatile form of information design. Using movement, sound and time, information graphics or illustrations become clearly-defined processes and captivating stories.

Animations can be realized with varying levels of complexity. We offer the full range, from simple image sequencing for an animated picture to elaborate animation and explanatory films with sound.

Our explanatory films convey complex contents in a visual language tailored to the target audience. We package information, values or knowledge in engaging stories which speak volumes to the viewer. This storytelling enables us to illustrate the core messages effectively, and make them readily comprehensible.

Whether it is a simple animation or an explanatory film, the visuals are not only fun to watch, but the topic itself also leaves a lasting impression. Animations can be easily integrated into websites and linked with social media channels.