We supplement complex topics in print and on the Web with illustrations so that they draw attention, are more appealing to read and can be more easily understood. For workshops or seminars, we use illustration as a useful tool to accompany the process. We are passionate about illustration that is imaginative and targeted.

An illustration illuminates complex topics while bringing it to life and making it more easily understandable. When combined with an illustration, a statement benefits from adding an explanatory level that facilitates comprehension and breaks up the layout visually. Illustrations allow stories to be told, and entire worlds and scenes to be created. Illustration helps to reveal new perspectives and to open doorways to more expansive thinking about a topic. It represents an authentic alternative where photography doesn’t quite seem to be right.

Our illustrations are created with the help of different techniques: analogue, digital or a combination of the two. Whether it is sketches or technical diagrams that are required, we cover the entire spectrum of applied illustration.

Our range also includes graphic recording, such as for seminars or workshops. We vividly illustrate brainstorming sessions, opinions and events and make them come alive in pictures. Through the clever use of design, we help our clients find breakthrough solutions.