Sustainable building (Energy)

Nachhaltiges Bauen ist vielseitig – genauso wie unsere Expertinnen und Experten, die sich damit befassen. Wir kombinieren Fachwissen aus unterschiedlichen Disziplinen und bieten damit eine umfassende Dienstleistungspalette rund um das Thema an. Dies über den gesamten Lebenszyklus einer Immobilie und stets zum optimalen Nutzen für unsere Kunden.

Our sustainable building activities balance environmental, economic and social concerns for the long term. Domestically and abroad, we offer integrated sustainable building services that draw on experts from many different divisions of EBP.

Our services include sustainability consulting, certifications, carbon and energy management, process moderation and sustainability reporting.

We actively support you with the following services:

Sustainability consulting

  • Defining targets
  • Sustainability mission statements
  • Integrated portfolio strategies
  • Planning consulting
  • Construction consulting
  • Support for planning teams in competitions
  • Environmental consulting
  • Sustainability for existing structures
  • Consulting in the utilization phase
  • Gender-sensitive planning and building
  • Contaminated sites
  • Developing target systems
  • Developing evaluation tools
  • Label comparisons


  • Minergie-Eco
  • DGNB Label of the Swiss Sustainable Building Council (SGNI)
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
  • Switzerland’s Sustainable Construction Network’s  (NNBS) Sustainable Building Standard Switzerland (SNBS)

Carbon and energy management

  • Gray energy calculation
  • 2000-Watt sustainability
  • Daylight analysis
  • Mobility Management

Moderation and reporting

  • Moderation of processes to evaluate sustainability
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Concepts to communicate achievements

To offer our customers broad knowledge from a cohesive, growing network, we work at associations and universities – as lecturers and by contributing to the development of standards, guidelines and labels, all of which we do without sacrificing our independence.