Chemicals in the Environment

We use chemicals in nearly every sector of the economy and in our daily lives. The processes in which we use these chemicals can determine the extent to which they enter the environment. And once in the environment, their specific properties will determine the extent of their impact. We help our clients to assess the risks associated with chemicals and to develop targeted measures to mitigate those risks.

Recent advances in environmental chemical analysis and in the area of ecotoxicological testing have resulted in an enormous increase of available data. We can use this data in a targeted manner to achieve more reliable assessments of chemical-associated risks. We specialize in the use of robust methods to generate knowledge from this data for our clients, including focused measures that effectively lower the risks.

Data monitoring, impact analyses, assessments of chemical loads and routes of entry

We offer services at all levels, from the use of chemical products to their dispersion and impacts.

  • We ascertain where, how, and in what quantities chemical products enter the environment.
  • We track and study the distribution and regulation of emerging pollutants such as PFAS.
  • We develop and assess strategies for monitoring surface and groundwater.
  • We analyze monitoring data to ascertain the paths by which chemicals enter surface water.
  • We perform combined evaluations of monitoring data and model-based calculations of chemicals in water bodies.
  • We carry out model-based calculations of the impact chemical loads have on populations.
  • We analyze the effectiveness of measures designed to lower the loss of pesticides into surface and groundwater.
  • We analyze measurements from sewage treatment plants, including data from suspect analysis and non-target analysis.
  • We conduct economic studies to examine the extent to which changes in environmental and chemical-safety legislation have an impact on the release of chemicals into the environment.