Data form the raw material of a knowledge society, and indispensable for objective decision-making. We help you to design, create, analyze and present business-related data. We design data analysis workflows in accordance with the questions your organization needs to answer in order to provide you with the relevant insights for sound decision-making.

Our core competence is in gathering, analyzing and presenting spatial and temporal data.

Our analyses of business-relevant data connect different types of data, such as enterprise data about resources (ERP) and customers or stakeholders (CRM/SRM) or data from external sources and sensors such as real-time positions, traffic conditions, weather or social media.

To achieve this, we use the latest ETL and GIS software and analytics tools like Safe FME, Esri ArcGIS, R, Python, Jupyter and Microsoft Azure.

We offer:

  • Development and execution of analyses and specialized consulting: Our statistical and spatial analyses answer interdisciplinary questions and highlight potential for optimization in areas such as mobility, infrastructure, security, environment and spatial planning.
  • Needs-based data acquisition: We use our many years of experience with data collection and data processing methods to create customized databases and data analyses that build on these.
  • Presentation and visualization: We provide you with informative, professionally designed results in digital or print form. You can integrate our web-based map services in ArcGIS Online or Google Maps, among others.
  • Data products: We offer a wide range of geographic data products. You can license them easily and affordably for use in site analysis, expansion planning, etc.