Energy supply systems (Infrastructure)

We offer consulting and planning services for energy systems using any combination of heat sources - serving buildings, site developments and districts: for example district heating and cooling, heat from wastewater treatment facilities, “anergy” networks from waste heat sources or geothermal storage systems, central wood-fired heating systems, geothermal probe arrays or electricity.

As experienced energy specialists, in addition to helping our clients to select appropriate energy sources, we also undertake the planning and management of renovation work and structural modifications to heating and energy supply structures and provide support for these projects from start to finish.

The primary aspects of the work of our experienced team of mechanical and building-services engineers are as follows:

  • Strategic consulting and potential studies for all energy- and environment-related aspects of site and real-estate development
  • Energy analyses
  • Preparation of master plans in the context of design plans and structure plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Planning guidelines for development and planning processes
  • Local and district heating networks
  • Special energy systems (e.g. solar cooling)
  • Concepts for the use of geothermal energy/renewable energy/
  • LowEx systems
  • Concept solutions for heating and cooling systems that use biomass and energy from
  • the environment
  • Cogeneration plants (CHP)
  • Monitoring and judging competitions related to energy and sustainability issues for individual buildings or entire areas
  • Building concepts for a 2,000-watt society (e.g. MINERGIE-P-ECO, MINERGIE-A, German Sustainable Building Council DGNB Swiss, Label Nachhaltiges Bauen LNB (Swiss Sustainable Building Label)
  • Pilot and demonstration projects/research projects
  • Operational optimization/energy efficiency of technical systems

The projects we develop are extremely diverse and frequently make waves beyond community, regional or national contexts. We provide support for renovation projects as well as new-builds from the start of the project to completion and operation.

Our clients include developers, architects, municipal authorities and operations managers in Switzerland and abroad.