Multi-modal comprehensive plans

As our cities grow and become more densely populated, it no longer makes sense to focus on particular means of transportation when considering how to meet our transportation needs. Indeed, instead of regarding the various means of transportation in isolation from one another, it is essential to take a holistic view of them all.

We develop multi-modal comprehensive plans at all levels – local, municipal, regional, cross-regional and cantonal.

We begin our work by placing special emphasis on systematic analyses of current states using various computer-based methods, including traffic modelling and GIS tools.

We then develop solutions based on the results of analysis, the stated project goals and various evaluations of the appropriate means of transportation. In densely populated areas, we generally give priority to enabling the free flow of pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Depending on the size of the area in question and the number of possible measures or solutions involved, we develop a shortlist of the most promising proposed solutions and subject these to careful comparison using various proven methods. It is essential at this stage to also have a sound and compelling interpretation of the results, which can be used as a basis for effective public relations work.

Our experience has again and again confirmed the importance of including all of the affected groups in the process as early as possible, especially in light of public-relations factors and later decision-making procedures involving public officials. We help our clients to develop tailor-made outreach and participatory processes, effective project governance processes and convincing public-relations concepts. We naturally also support them when it comes to project realization.