Pedestrian and bicycle transportation

Non-motorized transportation, including pedestrian and bicycle transportation, has come to play an ever more important role in the management of our transportation needs, especially in more densely populated areas. This is also the case because non-motorized traffic is, all things considered, not that much slower than motorized traffic. We develop concepts that enable and encourage pedestrian and bicycle transportation at the municipal, regional and cantonal level.

Compared to motorized transportation and various means of public transportation, pedestrian and bicycle transportation are often speedier in urban settings. This fact owes in part to the use of e-bikes, whose popularity continues to grow at a rapid rate.

We develop comprehensive, needs-based pedestrian and bicycle transportation concepts at the municipal, regional and cantonal level. Our work in this area is naturally also based on a clear formulation of development goals, careful surveys and the drafting and comparison of alternative development plans. We also draw our competence and know-how in this area from the personal experience of our many specialists who happen to rely on their bicycles for a significant portion of their transportation needs.