Traffic data and surveys

Smart decisions relating to the operation and development of our transportation systems depend on reliable data. We gather all kinds of traffic-related data (e.g. pertaining to the use of public transportation systems, motorized traffic and non-motorized traffic) and use these data to establish a sound basis for planning, public participation and decision-making procedures.

The right decisions for the planning, realization and maintenance of our transportation infrastructure and services can only be made with the help of accurate information. Using reliable traffic data as a basis, we work together with our clients to develop a common understanding of transportation needs. We help our clients when it comes to gathering and interpreting all of the relevant data:

  • Traffic counts and surveys
  • Surveys and analyses of travel behavior
  • Conflict and accident analyses
  • Connectivity and accessability analyses
  • Trend analyses
  • Calculations of service demand and estimates of potential demand

We regard the appropriate, target-group-specific representation and communication of the processed data as an important part of the analysis.