Traffic demand models are used to represent real-world traffic (e.g. traffic flow) and the complex interconnectedness between traffic and other factors such as transportation infrastructure, settlements, the environment, the economy and new transportation policies. We support our clients when it comes to generating reliable estimates of the impact future developments or planned transportation measures will have on traffic and other important variables.

We make use of traffic demand models at local, regional and national levels to create a reliable basis for impact assessments, evaluations and other examinations related to transportation development. In doing so, we consider the complex interconnectedness of the various traffic-related factors.

Aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods, we have taken an active approach to their further development.

Our services include:

  • Establishing a basis for traffic modelling
  • Developing traffic demand models
  • Forecasts of traffic developments based on population, spatial and economic developments
  • Application of traffic models in the evaluation of infrastructure projects and new traffic regulations
  • Further development of existing methods of traffic modelling
  • Modelling of individual transportation choices on the basis of commuter surveys and transportation diaries

We use the latest instruments and other proven IT tools (e.g. tools in the PTV software family) adapting and developing these to meet the specific needs of our Clients.