Transportation demand management

While we all value the ability to go from any given point A to any given point B quickly, safely and conveniently, the capacity of our transportation systems is often limited and we wind up losing time and energy. The aim of our transportation demand management and consulting services is to develop and implement smart and innovative ways of ensuring mobility by influencing travel behavior. Our clients include municipalities, cantons, event organizers and other public and private enterprises.

Specific issues include poor connections on public transportation routes, excessive transportation costs and limited parking, as well as the health aspects and sustainability of the available means of transportation.

The transportation choices made by the employees of public and private enterprises, as well as their customers and other visitors can be influenced in a targeted manner. When developing mobility concepts, we begin by analyzing the existing transportation services and options, as well as the demand for these services and options. We then examine the available financial resources, the legal aspects, the enterprise cultures and other factors to arrive at both proven and innovative proposals for influencing travel behavior. Our support allows benefits from lower transportation costs, improved site access and motivated and healthy employees.

Transportation demand management encompasses two main tasks:

  • The development of well-calibrated measures to influence the travel behavior of various target groups
  • The coordination of all transportation-related planning and implementation activities