Legal questions often arise in planning processes, whether with regard to issues of procurement, contracting or licensing. Thanks to its interdisciplinary approach and extensive employee expertise, EBP is in a position to offer you comprehensive technical and legal support. At EBP, you receive optimal solutions that are legally sound and in step with the latest technical standards.

We support our clients when it comes to procurement law, construction and real-estate contracting, planning and construction law, transportation law, energy law and environmental law.

Procurement law

  • Drafting of calls to tender and management of procurement procedures to ensure compliance with federal and cantonal law
  • Management of special forms of procurement such as competitions and project commissioning

More information about our services in the area of procurement law is available here: Procurement.

Construction and real-estate contracts

  • Planning contracts and contract for work and services: contract drafting and evaluation, consulting in connection with contractual disputes
  • Contracting: contract drafting and evaluation, consulting in connection with contractual disputes
  • Land reorganisation and property surveying contracts: contract drafting and negotiation, including the handling of land-registry changes
  • Object agreements: drafting of object agreements (operation and management) and clarification of property borders

Planning and construction law

  • Legal consulting regarding federal, cantonal and municipal spatial planning
  • Management of sectoral planning procedures and approval procedures for federal infrastructure projects, ascertainment of planning specifications for cantonal and municipal infrastructure projects
  • Legal consulting regarding procedures for special-usage planning, including questions of property appreciation taxes
  • Management of municipal zoning and development ordinances
  • Legal consulting regarding underground spatial planning
  • Legal consulting regarding preservation of landscapes and cultural heritage

Transportation law

  • Legal consulting in matters of licensing for public transportation projects
  • Legal consulting regarding statutory roadway regulations, taxi and parking services and facilities (implementation and design)

Energy law

  • Legal consulting regarding the creation and operation of systems for renewable energy and thermal networks
  • Legal consulting regarding energy market law
  • Legal consulting regarding energy-sector licensing, especially regarding water-supply and district-heating systems

Environmental law

  • Legal consulting regarding waters protection law
  • Legal consulting regarding statutory environmental protection against harmful effects (especially noise and non-ionizing radiation)
  • Legal consulting regarding Waste disposal law and contaminated sites law