Moderation and process support

Buildings and infrastructures are often at the centre of a range of competing interests. They can gain greater acceptance with users and the public if relevant stakeholders are involved appropriately at an early stage.
We provide support during complex participation and decision-making processes, acting in the role of moderator at meetings, workshops and public events.

Our range of services includes all aspects of organization, support and moderation of participation and decision-making processes on all scales:

  • Structural plans and spatial concepts
  • Urban development concepts and transportation concepts
  • Site evaluations
  • Master plans for urban development
  • Design planning
  • Test plans and competitions
  • Utilization concepts, project definitions
  • Strategy-development processes and change processes

Organizational structure: We work with you to identify relevant stakeholders and audiences and define how to involve them in the process. We strive to incorporate political, social and economic interest groups into the organizational structure at the right time and in the right way.

Process planning: We work with you to develop a suitable process for participation and decision making. We create detailed sequencing and process planning as well as appropriate process structures. We schedule the order of meetings of different organizational groups and dates for any public events at an early stage.

Moderation: One of the main tasks of moderation is taking into account all of the interests of different project participants in order to arrive at decisions that work over the long term. We place great importance on providing neutral support and ensuring that all the relevant outcomes are appropriately integrated in subsequent stages of your project.