Organizational development

Efficient institutions that achieve great performance always have capable employees, good leadership and an organizational structure that fits its purpose. We help our clients to develop well-functioning teams, build practical management instruments and design appropriate organizational structure.

Our range of services for permanent organizations as well as temporary organizations for a specific project includes:

Analysis: We use robust analysis to show you your organization’s strengths and identify where there is room for development. Our approach relies on proven methods and considers the expectations placed on your organization, as well as your current situation and external frameworks.

Designing structures and processes: We work with you to develop the right structure for your organization, as well as efficient management processes and workflows. In this regard, we believe in regulating as little as possible and as much as necessary.

Defining functions and outsourcing: Individual functions in your institution should be performed by the most suitable organizational units or by external specialists. We advise you on how to allocate functions, define tasks, competencies and responsibilities of specific units, and find optimal outsourcing solutions.

Management instruments: The right instruments can greatly simplify how you manage your institution. Examples include performance agreements, agreements on objectives, indicator systems and evaluation methods. We can assist you with selecting, developing and launching practical management instruments.  

Change management: Significant steps and other changes along the path of a company’s development constitute a major challenge for any organization. We advise you as you design and implement change processes, incorporate relevant stakeholders and select and plan the appropriate communication vehicles.