Participation and participation processes

How can questions related to the shape of our future be best addressed through dialogue with the public? Why is it important to turn stakeholders into participants? How can public participation processes be organized so that they bring real added value and do not leave participants feeling frustrated?

There are many reasons in favor of involving all relevant stakeholders, as well as the public, right from the start of a large-scale project, to arrive at solutions that the majority of people are willing to buy into. For one, this approach capitalizes on local knowledge and encourages proactive behavior. For another, incorporating different viewpoints and diverse ideas can help those in charge to identify potential points of criticism and hurdles early on, while also reducing costs and labor. Participation processes lead stakeholders to identify more strongly with results, which leads to faster implementation. Last but not least, the participative approach sparks learning processes and promotes personal responsibility as well as civic engagement.

We advise and assist you in designing effective public participation processes within the scope of planning processes. From a large repertoire of different forms of participation, we select the one that is right for your project – from large-scale group workshops to online participation. We identify which processes and methods are appropriate for your specific task and will enable you to bring people on board. We show you where the opportunities and risks lie with these methods.

We design processes and moderate events. We create the information that different target audiences need, and we develop all the necessary communication products. Our work combines many years of expertise in leading and implementing spatial planning, transportation, energy and environmental projects with our sound knowledge of participation and communication matters.