Process design and management

Effective, efficient organizations have frictionless, goal-oriented processes. In addition to core processes that enable product creation and service execution, management and support processes are also key to organizational success. New tasks, especially those that are organization-wide, raise many process questions as well. We support businesses and the public sector as they design and optimize these processes.

Every organization involves a large number of processes to be able to fulfill its functions. Many of those processes are implicit, which sometimes leads to inefficiency and friction. Prematurely introducing IT applications to support business processes can create significant problems too. New tasks require new processes, which must be developed and implemented with the involvement of relevant actors. To facilitate this, we offer the following services for process design and management:

Analysis: We use robust analysis to identify weak links in your processes. We deploy experts with an in-depth knowledge of the subject areas in question, which means that we are better equipped to get to the heart of the matter and work to an appropriate level of depth.

Design: Depending on the issue you want to address, we redesign one or more processes or propose improvements for existing processes. It is very important to us to decide on the right level of detail when elaborating a process, so that the amount of effort invested in its implementation remains within reasonable limits.

Implementation: Processes do not produce an effect until they are implemented. With good communication, a smooth launch and proper training, we help make process implementation a success.

IT tools: Computer-aided tools are increasingly being used to support business processes. In an ideal situation, we will assist you with incorporating or conceptualizing existing processes as a basis for evaluating suitable IT tools. If you already have the right IT tools, we would be glad to assist you as you initiate the corresponding processes in your organization.