Developer representation and project steering

You have the complex task of planning and completing a construction project. We support you throughout the planning and permit process and assist you with identifying and hiring contractors. We are there for you right through until the project’s completion. We help you meet your time, cost and quality targets while taking into account user requirements, developer guidelines, legal guidelines, norms and standards, and sustainability.

We use our many years of experience to competently represent and support you as you manage new construction projects, or undertake complex alterations to existing structures. We cover the whole spectrum of uses, from residential, office and industrial construction to shopping centers, laboratories, retirement homes and other special uses. We are well versed in a broad range of specialist areas, with experts in practically every construction-related discipline, which makes us ideally placed to implement complex sustainability targets, execute efficient project quality management (PQM) and handle special concerns in related disciplines. We are on hand to serve as expert consultants for developers and their stakeholders, as well as their planners, specialists and contractors.

We actively support you with the following services:

Project steering

  • Process consulting
  • Moderating competitions and juries
  • Procurement law and procedural law
  • Project specifications

Project steering and PQM

  • Developer consulting and representation
  • Developer-side project management and project steering
  • Project organization and project management
  • Project specifications, project manuals
  • Consulting for planning and execution models (detail planners/general planners, sole contractors/general contractors/total contractors)
  • BIM consulting (building information modeling)
  • Reviewing tenders from planners and contractors
  • Monitoring planners and contractors
  • Project reviews at the end of a construction phase (project audit)
  • Project quality management (PQM)
  • Quality, schedule and cost control/monitoring
  • Contract administration and management, contract law
  • Guarantee management and defect management