Sustainability, economics, demography, image, safety - there is a long and diverse list of issues that have to be taken into account when launching a competitive tendering process for the development of a building plot within a site or a piece of land. The challenges for developers are increasingly complex. We support and advise you in preparing for and managing the competitive tendering process.

How can the desired purpose of a building be realized? How is the building positioned in relation to its urban context? How can environmental constraints be dealt with?

These and many other questions have to be clarified in the context of a design competition. Throughout the competition process, we support you in relation to urban design and architectural issues, by offering the following services:

  • We advise you on the type of procedure to use
  • We generate a competition program based on an assessment of needs,
  • We create forms for preliminary reviews and pre-qualification,
  • We review entries with regard to compliance with specifications,
  • If required, we can carry out preliminary reviews in respect of noise, traffic, sustainability, etc.
  • We can organize and moderate the procedure with jury meetings,
  • We can generate a jury report,
  • If required, we can organize an exhibition.