Transportation access and parking (Site development)

No matter what the development project (e.g. a new city district, the reanimation of an abandoned industrial site, urban densification), the future residents, visitors, employees or customers will want to know how they can get there and where they can park their cars or bikes.

Transportation access and parking are major issues for almost all development projects. We support our clients when it comes to access planning for all means of transportation:

  • Access and supply-route concepts
  • Parking needs and parking space management
  • Expert assessments of motorized traffic and environmental impact assessments
  • Transportation plans for those committed to non-motorized approaches to living, working and leisure
  • Drafting of specifications and planning regulations in the context of special use plans, including all kinds of development plans

Beyond this, we also support municipalities when it comes to drafting comprehensive concepts for smart parking space management. Starting from a careful analysis of the current parking situ-ation in the location in question, we work together with municipal officials and stakeholders to identify viable targets, develop appropriate measures for the management of public parking spaces and implement these measures within the relevant legal framework.