We provide comprehensive expert support to our clients in the design, planning and implementation of smart audio/video, communication and presentation applications. In addition, we ensure seamless integration of media into the overall building services concept.

We have many years of comprehensive experience in:

  • Integration of building services technology into systems
  • Systems consulting
  • Engineering calls for tender

We place special importance on the following issues:

  • Information systems
  • Smart living
  • Audio systems
  • Video equipment

We understand the needs of our clients and use our broad, interdisciplinary expert knowledge to ensure well thought-out, viable solutions that are intuitive to use. Thanks to our collaboration across the entire field of building services, we are in a position to design and build efficient, high-performing overall systems.

We are independent, which means that our conclusions and recommendations are always made from the perspective of the user.

Our clients are developers, real estate firms and electrical designers in Switzerland and abroad.