Many factors need to be considered in connection with the efficient shipping of freight along our railways and roads. These factors include existing infrastructure, infrastructure development, freight concepts and industry regulations. Working on behalf of our clients, we help to establish optimal conditions for freight and logistics.

High-performance cargo terminals and innovative operating concepts are indispensable when it comes to the efficient shipment of freight within countries and throughout the world. Inadequate capacity in the face of high volumes can have a negative economic impact on many industries. This is why it is essential to consider the expectations of all of the relevant stakeholders at an early stage when planning, designing and building the infrastructure that is to serve our current and future freight transportation needs.

We help our clients to develop smart strategies, concepts and infrastructure designs. In particular, our services include:

  • Development of site concepts for logistics and cargo terminals
  • Current-state analyses and site comparisons
  • Development of cargo terminal layouts, securing access to superordinate transportation networks, shipping terminal design that accounts for multiple means of transportation
  • Calculation of terminal capacity
  • Analysis of the impact large terminals with logistics and transshipment capacities have on road transportation networks
  • Ascertainment of the need for cargo terminals in light of the cost of railway and road shipping and the potential for regional economic growth
  • Innovative operating concepts

Thanks to the well-calibrated, interdisciplinary composition of our project teams, we are able to consider all of the relevant issues, including technical, economic, societal and environmental issues. Our extensive know-how and experience enables us to handle projects on a local, regional, national and international scale., Jakub Nawrot
Picture Credits:, Jakub Nawrot