Freight transportation and logistics (Transportation)

Many different factors have an impact on the effectiveness of rail and road-based freight transportation, including infrastructure, operational concepts, public policies, and spatial planning. With tailormade operational concepts, and site-selection and capacity expertise, we establish the prerequisites for successful freight transportation and, by extension, for logistics chains.

High-performance transshipment terminals and innovative operational concepts are essential for efficient freight transportation. Capacity shortages have an impact on transportation planning. The needs of those who rely on freight-transportation infrastructure must be taken account of at an early stage during project planning and implementation phases.

Comprehensive conceptual and strategic consulting

We support our clients when it comes to developing strategies, concepts and planning:

  • Strategies for establishing new logistics centers and transshipment terminals
  • Current-state analyses and comparison of site alternatives
  • Securing of freight supply in urban settings, for instance, with special urban-logistics approaches
  • Drafting of facility layouts, securing of access to transport networks, dimensioning, and planning for transshipment terminals, especially for combined transport
  • Calculation of infrastructure capacities
  • Ascertaining the impact of large sites with logistics and freight-transport functions on road transportation networks
  • Ascertaining the need for transshipment terminals while taking account of cost structures for rail and road-based freight transportation, as well as the potential impact on regional economies
  • Drafting of innovative operational concepts
  • Analyses of terminal accessibility

Interdisciplinary project teams

Thanks to our strategically-staffed, interdisciplinary project teams, we offer our clients optimal support when facing technical, economic, ecological, and societal issues. Our extensive experience is based on numerous local, regional, national, and international projects., Jakub Nawrot
Picture Credits:, Jakub Nawrot