Public transportation development concepts

The number of people living and working in Switzerland has increased in recent years. This has led to overcrowded streets and the need to revise public transportation service schedules. Still, many complain that their access to public transportation is inadequate. What services would make for an optimal transportation system as we go forward? How can we go about ensuring efficient operation?

With an eye to stakeholder needs and wishes, as well as the available financial resources, we develop service concepts and accompanying operation concepts for public transportation systems. We also draft technical reports that serve as a sound basis for decision making.

We offer analyses and tailor-made solutions:

  • Supply-and-demand analyses and forecasts based on pragmatic evaluation methods and multimodal traffic models
  • Evaluation of the available space and other factors such as walkable routes and differences in elevation (walkalytics) using our own GIS instruments to establish a basis for service volume and quality decisions
  • Development of service concepts and operation schedules using modern IT instruments (e.g. Open Track simulation software timetable processing systems), from strategic planning of services to planning the necessary storage sidings
  • Optimization of complex public transportation systems based on assessments of the services offered, operational factors, rolling stock and demand
  • Analysis of the impact short-term and long-term timetable changes have on operating resources, operating costs, demand, revenue, infrastructure and infrastructure costs

We aim to secure a sustainable use of the available resources and to coordinate all public transportation development with corresponding residential and urban development. Our clients include railway companies, transportation authorities and municipalities at home and abroad., Clem Onojeghuo
Picture Credits:, Clem Onojeghuo