Public transportation services

What would make for an optimal public-transportation system? What is the best approach to ensuring efficient network operation? And what resources will need to be allocated? We support our clients when it comes to answering these questions, from the development of scheduling concepts to access studies for area-development projects.

We develop public transportation service plans and operational concepts that take account of the needs and the available financial resources of municipal clients and local transportation companies. Our work provides a technically sound basis for reliable municipal decision making.

We offer tailormade services and solutions, including:

  • Analyses of current and future demand that are based on sound calculation methods and multimodal transportation models
  • Optimizations that account for the complex interplay of infrastructure, operation, service provision, rolling stock, and demand (e.g. with the help “OpenTrack” and “OpenTrack-API” simulation software)
  • Assessment of the impact that long and short-term scheduling changes will have on operation equipment, operation costs, consumer demand, revenue, infrastructure, and infrastructure maintenance costs
  • Development of service concepts and schedules using modern IT instruments such as “OpenTrack” and schedule-processing systems (e.g. from strategic service concepts, to the railroad sidings required)
  • Assessments of service-provision quality or the density of public-transportation networks using our own GIS instruments (including details such as pedestrian or “walkalytic” factors)

Efficient use of resources and optimal coordination

In approaching our assignments, we pay special attention to the efficient use of financial resources and a close coordination with real-estate development projects. Our clients include domestic and foreign railway operators, transportation companies, and municipalities., Clem Onojeghuo
Picture Credits:, Clem Onojeghuo