Many cities and municipalities are confronted with major financial challenges. An increase in residents and the workforce is leading to greater demand for public services and a need for additional infrastructure. EBP has supported authorities for several years with a simulation model for long-term financial planning in the context of urban development.

Many cities and municipalities in the Swiss Plateau are experiencing a strong growth phase. At the same time, numerous public financial budgets are confronted with structural imbalances as a result of stagnating tax revenues, demographic shifts and the increasingly high expectations of society. More and more cities and municipalities are turning their attention to a long-term financial perspective in the context of sustained growth.

EBP has developed an internal simulation model and applied it in more than 30 municipalities and cities in Switzerland. Within a model-based discussion and consultation process, we demonstrate the municipality-specific relationships between urban development, growth and the public budget. We are glad to apply this experience to advise you on:

  • Municipal settlement development
  • Site and area development
  • Reaping added value and urban development contracts
  • The organization of public services
  • Financial aspects involving the merging of municipalities

We work with you in a collaborative process to arrive at assumptions specific to the municipality, analyze the initial position and simulate the scenarios. On the basis of these findings, we derive recommendations by means of a discussion process.