Sustainable spatial development

Why do we offer sustainability consulting within the context of spatial development? Because we seek to design our living spaces so that they also offer quality of life for future generations. Such design of our living spaces takes place on various different scales within the context of spatial planning processes and infrastructure.

Every planning process offers the opportunity to integrate sustainable development in a structured and systematic manner. There are three fundamental starting points from which this can be achieved:

  • Goal-setting/guidelines: Oriented on a normative concept of sustainable development, planning requirements are to be defined right from the beginning and consistently pursued throughout the course of the process.
  • Impact assessment: The impact of planning can be critically reviewed on pre-determined dates with an eye to optimization.
  • Monitoring/controlling: The development initiated by planning is monitored, and intervention takes place if needed. By collecting data on a regular basis, the implementation of the planning process can be evaluated, and the degree of success in achieving the goals can be assessed.

We support our clients in various ways:

  • By preparing analyses in collaboration with the affected stakeholders
  • With the conception and moderation of discursive evaluations of the impacts of planning, or of a specific project, on sustainable development
  • By setting up long-term sustainability monitoring processes
  • With technical expertise from an outside perspective